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you'll eventually forget about me.

Paula {♥} 17 years/ 9 sept. {♥}
You can call me Polly. Totally, i mean, they use to. I use my tumblr as a way of scape, and most of the time, works. When it doesnt, i just write. ask whatever, i'm always up to talk.


You’re just like me Lydia. Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.

“What seduced me in my character in ‘Young and Beautiful’ is her silence, the distance she cultivates in her relationships. She prostitutes herself unapologetically, and does it for the same reason she would do drugs: to find her truth.”

and sometimes he loved her too.

All of my favorite ladiesCaroline Forbes, The Vampire Diaries
Caroline: Here lies Caroline Forbes.
Elena: Cheerleader, Miss Mystic Falls, third grade hopscotch champion.
Bonnie: Friend, daughter, overachiever.
Matt: Mean girl, sometimes, no offense.

Let it all rain down from the blood stained clouds.
Come out, come out, to the sea, my love
and just drown with me.


they wore black and i wore white (xxx)