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you'll eventually forget about me.

Paula {♥} 17 years/ 9 sept. {♥}
You can call me Polly. Totally, i mean, they use to. I use my tumblr as a way of scape, and most of the time, works. When it doesnt, i just write. ask whatever, i'm always up to talk.

the truth in Beth Greene’s words.

Thinking all love ever does;

Is break and burn and end


Thanks to movies like Notting Hill and Love Actually, I grew up dreaming that there were men with romantic sides who weren’t afraid to show it, and that everything happens for a reason.

Caitlin Stasey as Maddy Killian in All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

We’ve both been blessed to care for you. You’re a wonderful boy. And a good soul. And you are and always were loved. Pascal, god loves you too.